Moe Mahou Maid Cafe is an event and convention based maid cafe in the tri-state area! We provide happy magic and smiles to all our guests~

✧In a far, far away land filled with dreams and happiness, resides the castle of Moe Mahou. Our castle is well renowned all across the land and is staffed with the finest magical Maids and Butlers! These magical beings have traveled far and wide with one purpose, to create the best experience for all of their Goshujin-sama! With a flick of a wand, anyone who enters this castle transforms into royalty and is served the mose delectable treats alongside wonderful performances. Citizens in the land flock to the castle of Moe Mahou whenever they open their doors to have this one of a kind experience!✧

Maid Cafes originated in Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan as a sub-genre of cosplay restaurants. We bring the theatrics, spirit, and intentions of Japanese maid cafes with our own special twist~ Our events usually consist of tasty food, performances, raffles, contests, and fun tunes! Those who are interested in fantasy and fun, anime, or new interesting things will love this! We are available for privates events around the globe and will get there with a flick of the wand as long as travel, per diem, room and board are covered, be it convention, birthdays, bachlorete parties and more!

*We are affiliated with Perez Play, LLC* 

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